Our Story

In the beginning there was the music…

When Paul McCartney wrote the first lines to ‘Yesterday’ it was about the music. When Chris Martin and his mates formed Coldplay in the halls of University College London it was about the music. When Sting picked up his bass and when Mick Jagger swung his mic, it was about the music. It seems as though music is the United Kingdom’s most powerful creative force.

When I visited the UK upon receiving British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur award, I witnessed the might of the nation’s music first-hand. Watching concerts, camping at festivals and sharing ideas with professionals prove to be an enjoyable and eye-opening experience.

Then a question came into my mind: how do we get more Indonesians to see, hear and be inspired by the UK’s creative sector?

Where we are today

Konserama was founded with the dream of seeing more Indonesians visiting the UK to experience its music. The UK has a healthy music ecosystem supported not just by the artists, but also by the thinkers and innovators behind the scene. We believe that Indonesia – also an incredibly musical society – can learn a lot from the UK.

With countless concerts, festivals, conferences, and other music industry events in a tight-knit region with supportive infrastructure, Konserama saw this as an opportunity to introduce creative travelling to Indonesian professionals. Music rarely becomes the focus of tourism and we think the UK is the perfect place to start. It is a unique experience that can’t be replicated and can’t be found anywhere else.

So step in and we look forward to travel with you.

Robin Malau, Konserama's founder
Robin Malau, Founder