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Music Festival in UK

Music Festivals

Hundreds of music festivals are being held in the UK annually. We will take you to the best, most unforgettable ones.

Music Shows in London


The UK capital London is the world’s largest live music market. From local pubs to concert halls to stadiums, we’ve got it all covered.

Vinyl mastering facility in London

Industry Visit

Network with the best minds of a leading creative economy and get an all-access pass to their playground.

Global digital market


Gain first-hand insights into cutting-edge discussions surrounding music, technology, business and more.

Abbey Road, London

Legend Tours

Step into the shoes of Lennon, Jagger, and Yorke and walk the paths of musical legends with us.

London sightseeing


Marvel at the nation’s world-famous monuments, towers, and castles.

Harrods London


Bring home amazing goods that you can’t buy anywhere else!